Great Meadow Celebrates 40 Years in The Plains

By: Heidi Baumstark for Middleburg Life & Hunt Country

"One man's field of dreams transformed into a dream come true for millions. That field - now Great Meadow - is the nation's premier equestrian field events center located in The Plains, which is in the heart of Virginia's Hunt Country. 

And that man was news executive, equestrian, and philanthropist Arthur W. “Nick” Arundel (1928-2011) who in 1982 finalized the purchase of a property he envisioned would become the permanent home for the Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase races, plus other field events, with the added value of preserving open space and averting a planned housing development.

Today, Great Meadow is a 374-acre field events center and steeplechase course which operates under the stewardship of the nonprofit Great Meadow Foundation (GMF). With the 1982 purchase of the property – and then its grand opening in 1984 – Great Meadow plans to commemorate its 40th anniversary over the next three years. Carrie Hull, GMF’s executive director, shares, 'Celebrations are being planned to recognize milestones of what would become the permanent home of the legendary Virginia Gold Cup each spring. After all, that was the major reason why Nick purchased the property.' Overseeing it all, Arundel is immortalized in a bronze statue on Members Hill. "

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Through the Lens of Georgina Preston: A Study of Hunt Country

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"A master of her craft, watching Georgina Preston on set is a sight to behold. Never afraid to try news angles, pose her subjects, and spend extra time getting the perfect shot, Georgina knows just how to capture and share her point of view through her photography. Nearly a year in the making, Georgina’s trip to Virginia’s Hunt Country was the result of strategic digital marketing, the cultivation of a working relationship with her American partners and contemporaries, and the shared love of the equestrian lifestyle. I first became acquainted with Georgina’s work after my Richmond-based client Hart Equestrian reshared a series of her equestrian portraits on our account in late 2020. Clicking on her profile, I was immediately thrown into her world. What initially stood out most to me about Georgina’s work was her ability to create a feeling of nostalgia and intensity through her darker, moody portraits. A compliment I would never give out lightly, Georgina’s work is reminiscent of that of Annie Leibovitz. Seemingly pulled from the pages of Vanity Fair or Town & Country, Georgina’s aesthetic is fully-realized, unapologetic, and captures the essence of her subjects. Her work is raw and her ability to truly see her subjects at their core is rare.

Staying in Middleburg, Virginia, Georgina’s month-long trip to Hunt Country was occupied with almost daily foxhunts, a cover shoot for a local publication, an abundance of portrait and equestrian portrait sessions with locals and travelers (many even traveling from out-of-state to be photographed by her), and capturing the beloved Fall International Gold Cup, the largest steeplechase in the Commonwealth, held annually at the Great Meadow Foundation in The Plains, Virginia. While these equestrian events and the fox-hunters’ way of life has been captured by many local photographers, Georgina’s fresh take showcased a more intimate and personal (yet still very editorial) side of the local equestrian scene. Choosing to focus more on the candid moments between racegoers, exploring the relationship between huntsman and hound, and showcasing the love a rider has for her horse, Georgina’s Hunt Country works proved yet again that she is a master of capturing the thought-provoking, emotional, and vulnerable side of her subjects."

View Georgina's study here.

Inside the 2022 Industry Insider Event at Mortgage Hall

By: Victoria Peace for Middleburg Life & Hunt Country

"On April 30, 2022, the second annual Industry Insider Event was held at Mortgage Hall Estate. 'The Industry Insider Event is an opportunity to bring together so many incredible local creatives and business owners directly impacted by or adjacent to the equestrian economy,' says Connor Duszynski, the event’s founder and organizer. 'Our Hunt Country community is reliant on the success of the local equestrian culture here. It’s paramount that creatives [ranging] from equestrian photographers and artists, to equestrian lifestyle brands, business owners, and equestrian nonprofits come together to promote our shared interests.'

The event kicked off Friday afternoon with happy hour drinks and small bites on the patio. There was a multi-course lunch for attendees on Saturday and a farewell brunch on Sunday. The food was provided by Delacour Catering, which is owned and operated by Chef Peter Coughlin. Coughlin is a Culinary Institute of America graduate and a trained sommelier."

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The Man of the Hour: Jason Reynolds

By: Nina Haaskivi for The House Magazine

"As a journalist, I have to admit it was hard to play it cool when faced with the prospect of interviewing Jason Reynolds. A writer of his caliber, arguably the voice of a generation, who am I to tell even part of his story? New York Times best-selling author, National Book Award Finalist, and NAACP Image Award winner are only a few of the titles of which he can boast. But sitting down to speak with Jason was surprisingly easy; simultaneously like talking to an old friend and watching an elite athlete perform the most difficult feats with a grace and ease found only in the mastery of one’s craft. And Jason’s craft is words, in all forms. Hearing him speak was like listening to a yet unwritten poem. The meter and rhythm to his words, deliberately chosen, as an artist chooses a paint color, carried our conversation to topics I could not have foreseen; topics that we as a society must tackle, though they are heavy. Issues that we cannot solve until we have put language to them. Not only is Jason unafraid to look at the difficult parts of life and society, but he is also brave enough to admit that he does not have a solution to these problems, other than continuing his work. 

Throughout history, we have looked to the great thinkers of our time in order to solve these problems, but Jason, instead of solving these problems for us, sheds light on problems we did not know previously existed, gives voice to those who previously felt voiceless, and meets us where we are at to solve these problems together. As he says, 'I hear you, you’re not a voiceless person. There’s no such thing as a voiceless child.' Every one of us has a story to tell, and Jason’s profound ability to put words to not only his own story, but also the story of those around him, and to push them to new limits simply by expressing himself, is unlike any I’ve seen before."

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Resort Fashion: Fashion Director Connor Duszynski Takes Us Through Virginia Resorts and Which Resortwear Runway Looks To Pack

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"As we look forward to the arrival of springtime, we’re certain that just like us, you and your loved ones have already begun (or completed) planning your spring break vacations, weekend getaways, and road trips for the upcoming spring season. Perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves given the recent snowstorms that have swept the Mid-Atlantic, but our Fashion Director Connor Duszynski thinks Jason Wu’s recent Look #16 from his Resort 2022 collection is a perfect ensemble to recreate for the springtime at The Omni Homestead Resort. Providing its guests with world-class accommodations since 1892, the resort has welcomed twenty-three presidents since its establishment, boasts over two-thousand acres of idyllic Virginia landscape, and features a world-renowned spa that utilizes the same local mineral waters that Thomas Jefferson first experienced in 1818. Considering The Omni’s picturesque location and integration into the unparalleled local landscape, Jason Wu’s dreamy, vibrant, and flowing garment in Look #16 is a perfect fit for warmer weather."

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An Eye for Style: Introducing Connor Duszynski, A Marketing Master and Fashion Director at The House Magazine

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"Connor Duszynski is the President & CEO of Cardinal Marketing & Design, LLC, a marketing agency he started just a few short months ago upon completing his studies at George Mason University last May, all at the age of just twenty-two years old. 

'People always ask how and when I knew I wanted to start my own agency, or if I had any reservations about trying to grow my own business so young. Honestly, I didn’t. I was and am at a place in my life where I believe in going all-in. Business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of being just ‘half-in’ when you’re trying to make a living, support and represent your clients, and grow your brand,' says Connor. 

Just six months after forming Cardinal, the agency now consists of clients from Wall Street Journal bestselling authors to renowned equestrian and commercial photographers, tech companies, nonprofits, independent retailers, rising polo stars, artists, and interior designers throughout the United States. 

When asked where he gets the inspiration for his entrepreneurial spirit, Connor answered that his parents have always played that role for him."

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Winter Wonder: The Inaugural Holiday Issue Cover Story for The House Magazine

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"Christmastime looks different for everyone. For some, it means spending too much time with friends and family around the fireplace, while for others it can actually be the hardest time of the year in one's spirit. However, for the locals of Hunt Country, located in the heart of Virginia’s Piedmont, it’s a time of grandiose celebrations, honoring our heritage, and of course far too many equestrian activities to keep track of. Approached by local Hunt Country photographer Ronda Gregorio back in September, the inspiration for our December Issue’s cover story and featured editorial spread stems from the love of the romanticized equestrian culture in northern Virginia, styled with elegant wintertime outfits and apparel one might find at a local hunt’s annual ball. 

The culture of Hunt Country is so classically-Americana that visiting around Christmastime is like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting. With horse-drawn carriages gliding down the gravel back roads lined with stone walls, overlooking the nearest hundred-acre equestrian property, it's not hard to romanticize the unique feel of the region. Experiencing the season here is unlike anywhere else because it’s a hidden gem to those who aren’t locals; protected by countless conservation easements and Hunt Country natives determined to preserve their way of life, much of Hunt Country remains undeveloped and is therefore protected from the encroaching reach of the D.C.-metropolitan area. 

Among the many yearly events on the Hunt Country calendar this season, the annual Middleburg Hunt Ball remains one of the most beloved. For our cover, we traveled to High Meadow Manor in Flint Hill, which is set to host the ball’s centennial celebration in 2024. We managed to shoot a total of thirteen looks in a full day of shooting with our cover star, Brittany Noelle. We also owe a special thanks to Joy Kingsley-Ibeh and Kingsley Models for their gorgeous stylings and local horse owner Betsee Burke Parker, who lent us her horse, John, for our shoot."

View The Holiday Issue cover story here.

A Taste of Euphoria: Diving Into the Intoxicating Fashions of Euphoria's Season Two

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"You don’t know how much power you have.

2024 can’t come soon enough. For the viewers and fans of the hit show Euphoria, last month’s season 2 finale left us all wanting more after the cliffhanger of a conclusion. While the show’s fanbase may have to wait another two years to learn about the fates of some of the teen drama’s most beloved characters like Rue, Fezco, Cal, Jules, and Lexi, there’s no doubt that the hype surrounding the show will continue to build since last season’s rave reviews, social media hype, and of course will the promotional help of the star-studded cast. While the show, in its essence, is an exploration of teenage angst, recklessness, and the discovery of oneself, the fashions that accompany each of the characters’ storylines and development help to reveal their motivations throughout season 2. Euphoria’s costume designer, Heidi Bivens, utilizes the show’s fashions and stylings as tools to reflect each character’s individuality and their states-of-mind as the plot unfolds. While characters like Maddy and Cassie are dressed in more risqué and revealing ensembles in many of their scenes, others, like Jules, opt for more thrifted, vintage, and loosely-fitted finds." 

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The New Roaring 20's

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"I believe what they say about today's day-in-age being the new 'Roaring Twenties' to be true. After observing and dissecting the fashion and art direction the designers displayed at last month's Paris Fashion Week SS22, and having been reinforced more recently at Alessandro Michele's Gucci #LoveParade, it is clear that bold, ambitious, extravagant, exaggerated, and opulent fashion is once again fashionable through means of repurposing and reinvention. The collection paid homage to glamour of Old Hollywood style, having been walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by models, actors, and celebrities alike; its presentation was notable for its cinematic proportions, a feat Michele is known for.

Not only this, but American brands are once again moving to the forefront of the fashion landscape, having been celebrated most notably at the recent CFDA Awards, in which American designers like Tom Ford and foreign designers like Demna Gvasalia all acknowledged the impact of American fashion on the industry.

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Honoring Icons: The Ones We Love From the Queer Community

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"The word 'iconic' is thrown around a lot nowadays. It’s thrown around too much if you ask me. While mainstream media and contemporary culture has appropriated the designation from queer culture (specifically from the Ballroom scene) to simply describe something or someone in a positive light, our team at The House takes the title more seriously. This year, in honor of Pride Month, we want to recognize some of our contemporary public figures who have made undeniable positive impacts on the LGBTQIA+ community at-large, through their works in activism, charity, and throughout their time-tested careers. While there are countless queer icons that have come before us, including the likes of Marsha P. Johnson, Harvey Milk, David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury, we want to celebrate the icons who are still making strides to promote equality, love, and goodwill within the community today. Who are these icons? See our list below to learn more about the top five queer icons we love, in honor of the 2022 Pride Month!"

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Gaucho Fashion

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

A visual journey from photographer, Georgina Preston during her time in the beautiful, rugged landscape of Argentina. Just as beautiful as the landscape was the fashion of the gauchos (Argentinian horsemen), magically captured within their element. 

View Georgina's gallery here.

Hunt Country Artist, Lydia Schrader Reflects On Her Journey As An Artist

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"Providing inspiration to everyone around her, even in the most unpleasant times, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Palm Beach-based artist Lydia Schrader to discuss her own sources of inspiration, artistic journey, and plans for her fine art business Lydia Marie Elizabeth in the new year. I was drawn to Lydia’s works several years ago, seeing her watercolor paintings of Hunt Country scenes pop up on my social media feed time after time, beckoning me to learn more. Immediately drawn into her world, I had the pleasure of working with Lydia on several projects for local clients, including two watercolor maps of the greater Virginia Piedmont region. From our initial correspondence, I quickly learned that Lydia radiates love. Her positivity and caring demeanor is infectious, and I’m fortunate to consider her a personal friend."

Read my interview with Lydia here.

Runway Recap: Our Fashion Director Connor Duszynski Reviews the Runway Shows From Paris and Shares His Takeaways

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"If there’s one thing we learned from Paris SS22, it’s that fashion is increasingly subjective. I mean that in the best way possible. The recent collections from Paris prove that contemporary fashion is shifting away from the status quo, instead embracing sexuality, individuality, elements of entertainment and performance art, and Gen Z demands of self-expression and individuality. What did we see from Paris? We saw lightheartedness, non-traditional silhouettes, and an embracing of bright, bold colors, and much more androgynous fashion. This tells us that the fashion landscape is changing. Both well-established and up-and-coming fashion houses shared this mission of providing critics and fashion fanatics alike with whimsical and elevated looks.

There's no doubt that fashion is shaped by the world around us. This season, the world demanded more free-spirited, welcoming, and open-minded representations of fashion, and that’s exactly what we got. I’m personally grateful to the houses who embraced this challenge, stepping outside the box in presentation, materials, and inspirations. With sustainable and socially-responsible fashions from Chloe to jaw-dropping looks from the likes of Saint Laurent, Rick Owens, and Schiaparelli to everything in-between, with SS22 collections from Chanel, Stella McCartney, Valentino, and Balenciaga blurring the line between formalwear and casualwear, the diversity in looks this season was undeniable."

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An Inside Perspective: Nadia Rossi Talks Handmade Tile and Bringing Old World Charm Into Modern Spaces

By: Nadia Rossi for The House Magazine

"I recently completed my modern country kitchen renovation with a touch of English style charm. I am completely over the moon with the results and obsessed with how it turned out. As anyone who has ever renovated an old house knows, you can look forward too many challenges. First, you will likely deal with structural changes if you reconfigure and open the space, then unforeseeable repairs, long backorder delays due to COVID and surprises I can’t tell you about or they wouldn’t be surprises.

I want to take a moment to visit the backsplash selection process. I was on a mission to recreate a look from the past with an organic, earthy feel with lots of movement and texture to flow with the house. Selecting cabinetry finish and countertops was a breeze, but pulling the whole look together is truly an art. My biggest challenge was complementing the bold countertop, an earthy honed Italian Blue soapstone. I wanted the perfect “imperfect” tile.  After many considerations, I decided to go with a handmade tile. The search for the right handmade tile and where to source it was completely worth the effort."

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On the Road: Dior Pays Homage to the Work of Jack Kerouac at Fall 2022 Show

By Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream. - Jack Kerouac

Paying homage to the works of Jack Kerouac, last month’s Dior Fall 2022 Men’s Show celebrated wild imagination and pushed reinvention of men’s fashion. Dior’s artistic director of menswear Kim Jones drew inspiration from Kerouac, whose works 'shifted writing as seismically as Christian Dior changed fashion.' Perhaps Kerouac’s greatest work, On The Road is not only regarded as the author’s most beloved work, but also the defining work of the Beat Generation, having been published in 1957 (the same year as the passing of Christian Dior). We are once again seeing the impact of American culture, art, and perspectives on the fashion landscape. Kim Jones drew upon the magic and postwar themes of On The Road and Kerouac’s other works for the presentation of the show, as well as the pieces of the collection, tying it all back to the legacy and life of Christian Dior, his love of traveling, and the kinds of postwar fashion one might find in On The Road or cross-country traveling through the United States. An obvious example of the influence of Kerouac’s work and of American influences on the collection, the show featured a continuous 120-foot scroll of On The Road, which served as the runway and backdrop for the models."

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Planning Your Next Barn Get Together 

By: Connor Duszynski for American Stalls

"There’s no doubt that the equestrian world is bursting at the seams; with more equestrians embracing the sport than ever before, and equestrian enthusiasts enjoying all that this unique culture has to offer, we’ve noticed the general public’s interest in all-things-equine is piquing, particularly following this past summer’s events calendar. Kicking off the 2021 summer polo season, our American Stalls team had the pleasure of sponsoring Virginia United Polo’s All-Pro Polo Match, featuring the talents of Nacho Figueras, Kareem Rosser, and countless other high-goal polo pros. In celebration of the program, we joined the League’s other generous sponsors at the Salamander Resort & Spa’s barn in the heart of Virginia’s Horse & Hunt Country.

Donning our finest, we chatted our way through the barn, catching up with our friends as we stopped to pose with the pros at various points throughout the evening. As we followed the bistro lights lining the stables, stopping only for brief photo-ops and champagne intermissions, we began to wonder why this kind of experience wasn’t more common. We were enjoying ourselves so much that we were wishing all our parties could be hosted in such gorgeous barns!

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The Daring & Dazzling: NYFW Fall 2022 Reclaims the City

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"After years of uncertainty surrounding the future of fashion weeks and in-person events everywhere, mask mandates were lifted just in time in New York City for the return of NYFW Fall 2022 last month. There’s no denying that designers and major fashion labels were eager to return and reinspire us all. The likes of Carolina Herrera, Christian Siriano, and Collina Strada showcased vibrant ensembles, signaling a celebration of life and hope for the future. Meanwhile, the designers like THE BLONDS and LaQuan Smith opted for ultra-sexy, vampy, and brazen ensembles, completed with cut-outs, electrifying combinations of blacks, reds, and metallics, and an abundance of dark glamor to-die-for. 

However, what was perhaps the most compelling show was that of the Imitation of Christ, a platform blending the line between fashion and environmental responsibility for some twenty years now. The platform’s collection was showcased digitally, a preview of their participation in this month’s Decentraland’s Fashion Week. Providing commentary on environmental responsibility and fashion since its inception, IOC has often been criticized as being ahead of its time. This couldn’t be further from the truth."

Read the full article here.

The Bold & Beautiful: Liverpool-Based Artist Frimann Shares His Voice, Unapologetic Spirit, and Commanding Presence With the World

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"It was a sleepy, early summer morning in Virginia. The mist was rising, the sun was peeking through the trees, and I was on autopilot driving down the winding roads to rejoin my family at the farm for the day’s upcoming festivities of fireworks and beer. The July humidity was heavy, like a weighted blanket. I was too tired to think. Scrolling through Instagram at a red light, I saw Frimann’s post. His new single 'Endless Summer' had dropped, so I figured I’d give it a listen. And just like that, like a much-needed shot of espresso, the beat and tune jolted me awake. This was my first experience listening to Frimann, and I’ve been hooked ever since. That was over two years ago, and it’s still my go-to summer anthem.

Since that first time listening to his music, I’ve gotten to know Frimann more personally. I sat down with the artist to discuss his latest projects, songwriting process, and inspirations (which range from a number of queer icons from Donna Summer to Freddy Mercury). Audacious, irreverent, yet delicate, Frimann has not only found his voice, but yearns to share it with the world."

Read the full interview with Frimann here.

A Changed Narrative of Polo in Modern Times

By: LA Polo India

"From being historically played by royalty, rich and the army, to coming into the mainstream, the game of polo is fast changing its portrayal from a sport of the elite to a sport of the people: it’s becoming more diverse than the older times. Newer generations are developing their interests in the sport and the old patrons, organisations and corporate houses are helping youth to enter the game irrespective of the position they hold in the societal hierarchy. On whether accessibility and inclusivity of the sport has increased in recent times, Parvati Byramji, South India’s first female horse trainer says: 'Horse riding and all the disciplines associated with it, whether it be polo, dressage, cross country or even racing, have definitely become more accessible over the years. What needs to change now is the mindset that you require a ton of money to enter into the sport. You do not. It's a matter of desire. Equestrian and racing are no longer elitist sports and anyone with the desire to go forward can do so.'

Some say that belonging to a wealthy background is a prerequisite for Polo. However, youth today have proven otherwise. Viewing wealth as merely an added advantage, they have proven through their success stories that courage, acquiring riding and athletic abilities and most importantly, time to devote to the sport and develop skills, is what it takes to ace the game of polo."

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An Interview With Avery Konrad

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"Avery Konrad exists in multitudes. Her impressive work in film and television, coupled with her background and love of dance certifies Avery as one to watch amongst the ever-shifting and changing Hollywood landscape. Avery most recently appeared in the science fiction-horror television series FROM, which premiered on Epix in February of 2022. Portraying the role of Sara Myers, Avery transformed herself into a complicated, multifaceted, and haunted character. Our Fashion Director Connor Duszynski sat down with the Vancouver-based actress and dancer to discuss her rising starpower, her thoughts on the success of From, her roots, and upcoming projects to keep an eye out for."

Read the full interview with Avery Konrad here.

On Our Radar: Queer Brands Pushing the Boundaries of Fashion

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"From Gianni Versace to Zac Posen, queer designers have always been at the forefront of fashion, sharing their visions and creativity with the world. While there’s still a long way to go to make the industry fully-inclusive, there’s a number of up-and-coming designers we have on our radar. They’re quickly establishing their brands as trendsetting and boundary-pushing, many of which have already broken through to a mainstream audience. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian and Rihanna wearing the creations of Ludovic de Saint Sernin or Patrick Church’s well-received collaboration with queer icon Amanda Lepore, there’s a number of brands garnering recognition from A-list celebrities and stylists alike. In part due to the ability to share their work via social media and capitalize off of their significant followings, the brands below are ones that we anticipate to continue growing over the next few years, further propelling their work and the work of queer voices to the center of discussions around fashion."

Read the full article here.

An Artful Perspective

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"Drawing from his own personal life, memories, and experiences, Andrew Arthur’s works are all about communication. Utilizing shape-based writing systems like Braille, Morse code, and Cuneiform to create composition, Arthur wants his viewers to 'experience the paradigm shift once they are aware that the abstract shapes and colors have exact meaning.' I sat down with Arthur to discuss the viewers’ experience and his time as a professional painter. Upon graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Arthur began showcasing his works in countless galleries and exhibitions around the world. With no sign of slowing down, Arthur also shared the inspirations behind some of his latest works, as well as a few hints at his life’s next chapter."

Read my full interview with Andrew here.

Through the Lens of Tony Powell

By: Connor Duszynski for The House Magazine

"'Multitalented' doesn’t even begin to describe Tony Powell. An award-winning photographer, choreographer, composer, filmmaker, graphic designer, writer, and so much more, Tony Powell has been described as a '21st Century Renaissance Man' by The Washington Post. Powell makes the work of being a prolific artist look easy. Having the honor of working alongside Tony and celebrity stylist Joy Kingsley-Ibeh, CEO of Kingsley Models, on-set for the production of this Issue’s cover shoot with award-winning author Jason Reynolds, I saw firsthand the unparalleled attention-to-detail, passion, and expertise that Powell brings to his shoots. From the moment he arrived, he was itching to get started. Surveying the rooms of the set, a stunning Georgetown rowhouse, Powell’s eyes darted back and forth, calculating his shots. I was watching a master in his element. 

Known for capturing countless D.C. functions from White House Correspondents Dinners to embassy parties, ballets, and exclusive luncheons, Powell is the city’s go-to photographer. In addition to events, Powell’s subject matters also include arresting portraits of some of the globe’s most notable figures. From Pope Francis to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it’s hard to come up with a contemporary mover-and-shaker that hasn’t been chronicled by Powell. While Powell has become well-known throughout Washington for his event, architectural, landscape, and portrait photography, he’s also passionate about so many other facets and avenues of artistic expression."

Read the full article here.